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BOB FAGAN – A Wandering Golfer & Writer

Golf writer, Bob Fagan, features one of the most interesting and accomplished backgrounds in all of golf: as a player, teacher/coach, PGA Section Executive Director, golf company executive, “Expert Golf Witness,” extensive traveler, and, of course, a highly acclaimed golf writer and reviewer.

Playing since 1962, Bob was dubbed the original “Wandering Golfer” and is likely the best-traveled living golfer in America, playing more than 2,550 courses there including more than 1,100 Golfweek Magazine Ballot Courses, and a more than a 175 more abroad – possibly more courses than any living person. In 2005, he achieved what is believed to be the first and only person to play the Top 200 Courses in America as defined by Golfweek Magazine. An extensive golf background has allowed him to become one of the most creditable travel and golf critics in the business.

A former teaching and playing golf professional who also served as the Executive Director/CEO for the Northern California PGA (1991-98) and as a “Golf Expert Witness” in the legal arena since 1993.

Fagan’s golf writing has included more than 600 articles and he currently serves as Associate Editor for Golf Today Magazine, America’s largest regional golf monthly, in addition to be one of the most popular writers among the stable of The A Position - golf's fastest growing website, where he writes about golf and travel, equipment, books, people, and the business of the game.

Bob has resumed his teaching career to now include a unique mentoring and speaking practice in what might be described as a holistic approach to golf to also include spiritual/emotional/energy methodologies. This is highlighted in the highly acclaimed DVD and audio book entitled: Golf’s Higher Plane; the Best Damn Golf Calendar Ever; and the internet series The Course in Golf Miracles.

Fagan’s business accomplishments may actually exceed his golf ones. In addition to his work with the PGA, as Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for a high tech startup, he helped build the company from scratch to a $2 billion valuation. He has also worked for companies such as Southwest Airlines, UPS, General Fabricators, American Travelers, and Armstrong World Industries, and was the Interim-COO for the San Jose State University Research Foundation. Fagan has an MBA with Honors, a Doctorate in Divinity, is a Six Sigma Black Belt & Champion, and an Ordained Minister who once lived as a homeless street person in San Francisco for the experience of it. Supplementing his work and golf, Bob is also actively involved in fulfilling his social responsibility through charities and believed in “do well by doing good.” Last, but certainly not least, Bob Fagan is the proud father of a daughter, Kelly, and son, Matt.

Bob was an esteemed guest golfer of Pash India and after being impressed by the enigma of India and the passion of golfing here, he did exclusive articles & videos on golfing in India. Click on the links below and catch a glimpse of golfing in India with PASH. 

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